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We will give the Best Teacher Award as a form of appreciation for Supervising Teachers who have succeeded in guiding their students to produce achievements in the 2024 IASO competition

The supervising teacher will receive an award based on the accumulated points earned by his students and students' medals.

Point Teacher Award System:
Champions +7 points
Gold Medal +5 points
Silver Medal +4 points
Bronze Medal +3 points

Merit Award +1 point

Calculation example:
Supervising Teacher X had 10 students take part in the competition with the following results:

A Gold (5 points)
B -
C Silver (4 points)
E Silver (4 points)
F Merit (1 point)
G Merit (1 point)
H Bronze (3 points)
I -
J Champion (7 points)
Total Points = 25 points

If there are 2 or more Supervising Teachers who have the same points, then the order will be determined based on the following parameters: 'higher achievement, number of supervising students who received medals, total number of supervising students'.

The points accumulated by the Supervising Teacher are only valid in the same category. If there are points collected in more than 1 category, points will only be taken based on the calculation of the largest points in one category only.